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Binaural Beats:

Most of our New American Dreamer mp3 files contain binaural beats.

These beats were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artificial, apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli.

The brain produces a phenomenon resulting in low frequency pulsations in the loudness of a perceived sound when two tones of slightly different frequencies are presented separately, one to each of the subject's ears, using stero-headphone. (Definition from: Wikipedia)

Used often in hypnosis, binaural beats serve to open up the subconscious more so suggestions within the scripts are more quickly and more deeply imbedded in the subconscious.

Because binaural beats work by creating different tones for each ear to hear, the beats can only be processed by the brain and subconscious through the use of headphones. Without the use of headphones you simply will not hear the binaural beats if you prefer not to, but using headphone will increase the effectiveness of the suggestions. 

In additional we strongly recommend headphones as a way to fully enjoy and allow the listener to become totally immersed into the program. 

There is no evidence to suggest that binaural beats are dangerous, but like an other kind of focused activity we urge anyone to consult with their doctor if they have heart problems, or are being treated for or have any psychological illness or other abnormalities. We also urge anyone not to drive or operate heavy machinery or equipment while listening to our products.