"Open your mind to the unknown and believe in the possibility of anything! Only then will you open the many doors locked within you - all the doors are waiting for you to provide the key!"

Think! Believe! Become! Incredible!

Many women these days are looking for a more natural approach to menopause. This beautifully composed mp3 file will address some of the root causes that often aggravate physical symptoms. Positive suggestions such as those which help reduce stress and increase awareness of food sensitivities can make a significantly impact on the discomfort of these symptoms. In the relaxation process the client is so deeply relaxed that it is possible to by pass the conscious mind and tap into their subconscious. In this state it is very easy to present concepts through talking or audio that promote physical or psychological healing and positive development. Once the subconscious mind is opened, it doesn't know the difference between what is real or imagined. So whatever is perceived by the subconscious to be true, the body will react accordingly. In the case of hot flashes, estrogen plays a role to regulate the temperature in the brain. When the levels drop the brain thinks it is overheating and tries to cool the body down. Because the hot flashes could be regarded as a misunderstanding by the brain, the mind can like wise be used to influence the body by cooling down hot flashes. This is the same principle with other menopausal symptoms and why studies have shown guided meditation and hypnosis to be so powerful and effective in dealing with menopause symptoms. It is a natural and gentle approach with no side effects, that you are sure to love.

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Easing Menopause