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Health and the Modern Man:

2014-11-02 2:15:38 PM

Let's face it, for most men it is just plain hard to stay healthy these days. Between longer desk hours, longer commutes, shorter breaks, career and family pressures, and so on, we just cannot seem to find a way to fully unwind, and catch the essential balance of our lives.

It is well known and well studied, that not being able to properly unwind and find the balance causes us not only physical (surface) stress, but also deep levels of mental (internal) stress as well. While the physical stress can often times be "blown off", it is much deeper, more internal stress that we carry around inside of us that does our bodies and well being the most harm. However, perhaps the bigger fear is that most men may not even be fully aware of how much or even for how long, they have been carrying around this "internal stress" To many it is just a part of daily life.

Studies also show that the majority of men believe they are doing their best to maintain a healthy, balance; a lot of men feel they eat and live relatively healthy and do the gym a few times a week.

Certainly healthy eating, choosing not to smoke or drink to excess ad getting at least moderate exercise is a big help, but it is now believed that this regiment is only a very small part of the overall equation to total health. In fact several studies show that this kind of lifestyle while better than the alternatives is barely maintenance.

In recent years there seems to be a growing awarenss that many of the "ailment" attributed to "aging" can be effectively managed or even completely eliminated by simply learning how to lower the level of stress one carries within and learning how to focus. By doing this one can increase one's energy, stamina, drive, improve one's looks, sharpen the brain and create a highly positive outlook, no matter what age and in many cases without prescription medication or expensive gym memberships!

One of the most highly recommended methods to going about this is Hypnosis. Hypnosis has a long history of being very effective in helping to alleviate all kinds of human maladies from pain management, weight loss, depression, insomnia, etc. It also has been shown to be a key factor in stress reduction.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about engaging in the hypnotic process aside from it's healing abilities is it's lack of side effects. The only real side effect of hypnosis is falling asleep! Hypnosis has been shown to be fast, safe and very effective whether engaging in the process in person or via headphone.

At New American Dreamer we have created a special mp3's designed just for men that deals directly with stress issues as well as targeting overall health and the aging process.

To continue the process we also carry a set of mp3's that focus on such subjects as: Overcoming Insomnia and Positive Thoughts. The Positive Thoughts mp3 is a free download to use with our compliments.

The recommended listening time for each mp3 is once a day for 14 - 21 days, during which time you should begin to see results.