"Open your mind to the unknown and believe in the possibility of anything! Only then will you open the many doors locked within you - all the doors are waiting for you to provide the key!"

Think! Believe! Become! Incredible!

 Distance Healing 


We are happy to announce that we are now offering custom "Whisper Affirmations" for our clients.

Available for purchase on Esty!

Take time to recharge and replenish with some love and positive thoughts, courtesy of New American Dreamer.

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What would you like to know? Here we will feature some of our favorite readers and pick a card readings. Would you like to know about a twinflame? Maybe about finances? It is all found here! 
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Welcome to New American Dreamer! 

See our great selection of personal development and self healing recordings! In our store, you will also find some promotional 0.99 recordings to download.

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To further our commitment to provide healing to our client, we are now offering services on Etsy, through Distance Healing Shop with gentle and quality distance healing.
We invite you to join us as we explore some online videos featuring healing modalities and other cool stuff. Come and see what we are discovering. Is there one that resonates with you? 
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