"Open your mind to the unknown and believe in the possibility of anything! Only then will you open the many doors locked within you - all the doors are waiting for you to provide the key!"

Think! Believe! Become! Incredible!


2014-11-02 2:15:38 PM

Welcome to New American Dreamer and our blog. With how huge the internet is, we are so happy that you found your way to us. With these blogs, it is our intention to provide more background information which support the products we are selling and also give you some food for thought to reach your own conclusions.

In the last few months, New American Dreamer have been undergoing some major changes and a bit of face lift and we are trying a few new things on our site. We still have a few details to work out transitioning to our new store, as they don't allow free downloads, but we invite you to watch our youtubes until that time. Thank you for your patience until then. 

So a little bit now, about where we are heading. Beginning early in 2018, we are going to expand and launch into a new method we call "Whisper Affirmations" These mp3s are louder than subliminals, and so give the customers the comfort of knowing what is actually recorded on the mp3s. These will be different than our regular recording and can be played in the background of your life and  listened to either at night while you are sleeping or during the day when you are going about your normal activities. They do not have the relaxation portion in them, so are safe to use even while driving. We are now accepting orders for customized "Whisper Affirmations" recordings. These will include 10 - 15 affirmations around a general topic, which can be played in auto. We will work with you to get the best affirmations for you needs and will allow the recording to be fine tuned once. If while listening to it, you would like to have changes. We believe that with custom recording, our customers will see improved results because although generic recordings are very effective to the majority. There can always be faster results, with customization. We are planning also to include with the customization, a review of your script, we can also write them for you, so it is even more effective. We will give more information on our blog about "Custom Whisper Affirmations" recordings. 

We invite you to read through our blog and if you have any questions or comments, we would be most happy to respond. Thank you again for taking the time to find out more about us.