Recording Dreams:


So now that you have a dream worth interpreting, what do you do with all the cryptic information you are given and relate it to your waking life?

Review the events of the day before falling asleep. This will often connect the dream's message to the circumstances in waking life.

Give yourself 5 - 10 minutes to just close your eyes before beginning the day and try and remember the last dream you had.

Write down the dream immediately upon waking. Most dream are forgotten within 15 minutes of being awake.

When analyzing the dreams from your journal, keep in mind that in general dreams concern events or problems 3 days prior or the next 3 days of our present life. So in analyzing the full meaning of your dreams, you may have to look over a week of dreams to get the full picture.

Discuss your dreams if appropriate with your family and friends or join a discussion group. The more you talk about your dreams and look to discover their meaning, the easier it becomes to remember your dreams. Talking or thinking about your dreams in our waking life reaffirms to your subconscious your intention to recognize the message dreams present. 

Dream Journals: The best way to analyze your dreams is to use a dream journal. Dream journals are the most effective way to explore and analyze your dreams. Making daily entries into your dream journal will signal your desire to remember and understand your dreams.

The most important in choosing a dream journal is to keep a record and history of your dreams. You may prefer a commercial dream journals, the latest internet journal or just a simple inexpensive note book. Just begin the practice of recording your dreams each night.

Durability and size are important factors to consider and your preference will depend on the location you will record your dreams from the most often. Typically a person will try out several different formats before you find the perfect one.

Personality also plays a factor; if writing long hand allows you to remember more of your dream, this type of journal might be preferred. Someone who types fast might find a computer program more suitable. A beautifully made commercial journal will make recording your dreams more fun and can be a great option, if you are the romantic type. You  might even consider a number of different journals, including a small notebook placed by your bed or take down a few quick notes. Then later you may describe the dream in greater detail into a formal journal.

Place a journals with a pen beside your bed. Use your journal only to record your dreams. Treat your journals as you would a diary. Some dreams are extremely personal and too much information could cause problems if it falls into the wrong hands. Some online journals are available, where you can print off Sleep Dairy pages for free.



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