The World of Dreams:

Throughout our waking life, our brains take in a tremendous amount of information. It is in this way, that we are able to make sense of our  experiences and emotions that we have had during the day are processed. Many ancient cultures knew the power of this and dream incubation became a reliable channel for a person to find answer to difficult life questions that they faced.

Dreams as well as process information can help us discover more about ourselves and can provide a safe outlet for our emotions. Dreams often offer us the freedom to express our true emotions which are often suppressed and frowned upon in modern society.

If used to their advantage the information in dreams can also provide the solution to any difficulties we have encountered. This can allow us to deal with the situation more effectively next time.

During dreams we deal with information we have experienced on an emotional level. In sorting through this, our subconscious will access which information should be discarded, stored or needs to be dealt with more fully. Therefore not all dreams that we have will be worth interpreting, but typically the more memorable dreams are those which contain valuable information for us to explore further.

In terms of processing the dream that has been incubated by our mp3 file, understanding some of the common dreams and symbols would make interrupting your dream much easier to draw meaning and answers from. Although it is also very common for the dream incubation mp3 file to produce dream like answers also in our waking life in response to a dream incubation question. (Continued)


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